Get acquainted with Hardex tools!

Get acquainted with Hardex tools!

Get acquainted with Hardex tools!

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Hardex tools

Hardex brand has a history of more than 60 years in the Iranian tool industry and is active in the production and distribution of tools in various categories. This tradinggroup offers its products and services in order to satisfy consumers.

How are Hardex products made?

In order to satisfy consumers and according to their needs, all tools are imported from India, China, Taiwan, etc. Many of these tools are customized to meet Iranian requirements. The products produced in Iran are made of the highest quality raw materials. The collection of

tools in Hardex Trading Group is done through the most reputable manufacturers.


What is the classification of Hardex brand tools?

Hardex brand includes all kinds of tools and has different tools in its own categories. These tools include hand tools, pneumatic tools, welding and cutting tools, gardening tools, garage tools and equipment, etc. The tools of Hardex Trading Group are being more completed day by day and cover a larger part of the market to meet the needs of consumers.

      Hand tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.

   Pneumatic tools including air socket wrench, air drill, air ratchet wrench, and ...

   Welding and cutting tools such as inverter welding machines and their accessories, welding & cutting torches, regulators and accessories.

      Gardening tools including scissors, saws, shovels, axes, etc.

   Garage and warehouse tools and equipment such as engine crane, floor jack, car air compressor, hand pallet truck, hand stacker, electric stacker and so on.

What does Hardex Services include?

By offering various and high quality products, Hardex brand tries to achieve its goal of satisfying consumers and it tries to improve the quality of the services day by day. Hardex brand goods have a guarantee and after-sales services. The

warranty on goods includes one-year warranty and for some products includes lifetime warranty. To improve its quality, Hardex brand is expanding day by day and adding various products to its product list in order to meet the needs of more consumers and satisfy them. Hardex Trading Group always welcomes suggestions in order to promote itself and provide better services to consumers, so that it can improve its services by receiving consumer feedback.

What are the features of Hardex brand tools?

Hardex brand products have a reasonable price for all consumers, durability and excellent shelf life and are provided according to the needs of the Iranian market.

These tools include a variety of classifications previously mentioned that show the variety of Hardex brand products. All tools include support and warranty. Hardex products are becoming more completed day by day and

new products will be introduced to the market in the future.

How to provide Hardex tools?

Hardex tools are available on the website of Hardex Trading Group. Also, Hardex brand has active agencies which has provided services for customers. Hardex tools can be provided both individually and in bulk. Hardex Industrial Group is providing a number of agencies in order to provide more and better services.